What we do

Today challenges are difficult to solve by your startup or product alone. Hence, we provide various services to serve you to not only start up but also scale up.

Startup Development

Techo Statup Center shapes your knowledge in the startup world through a specialized training program relating to entrepreneurship, business development, pitching for funding, and marketing strategy. The startup team will go through a comprehensive process of forming and building their ideas, supported by our specialists and mentors. Together with mentorship, startup team shall have a concrete business model at the end of the program. If your startup is at ideation stage, please talk to us.


Startups at the early stage are fragile and easily get lost. Mentorship offers the startups direction and skill to manage your startups. At Techo Startup Center, we connect you to the people with the great minds across the ecosystem to assist and inspire ideas of innovation in emerging tech and digital platform. If you are a mentor and have great mind, and you want to make a difference, please join us.

Technical Assistance

Prototyping new services and products of a startup can be cumbersome because it needs relevant skills and knowledge to be innovative. Techo Startup Center has a team of high skills in emerging tech await to assist you. We also run our own research labs in the field of emerging tech to stay at the forefront of innovation and be able to help startups who face technological difficulties. For more information, please join us.

Talent Accelerator

Passion without knowledge could not drive startups. We develop Talent Accelerator to lift up the youths' capability in emerging tech through project-based and research-based learning. Talent Accelerator will offer students and youths greater internship and attachment opportunities in the emerging tech sector. Please intern with us!

Link To Talent

Finding emerging tech talents is challenging. Techo Startup Center is continuously developing and seeking the best tech talents, creating a resource pool for high potential startups. Techo Startup Center serves as a platform that effectively matches the trained talents and those startups. If you excel in a particular area of emerging tech. Please contact us.

Link to Investment

We believe that if we can assist you to create a promising prototype of any tech startups, there will be plenty of investors waiting for you. At Techo Startup Center, we connect you to the available fund source from Pre-Seed to Series A in order to scale up your startups. If you are investor and want to help Cambodian startup, please register with us!